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The company that previously traded as "Feptias Limited" has now changed its name to "Smartvox Limited". The name was changed to more clearly reflect the business's focus in IP telephony. This web site is unlikely to have the most up-to-date information about the company or its products and you are advised to visit the new web site instead at:

The nearest equivalents to this page listing products and services are here:

Feptias Services
IT Systems Support Services
Consultancy services for installation and support of Windows Servers and networks
IT problem investigation for server systems, networks and PC workstations
System surveys, technical audits and documentation of existing IT systems
Windows and Linux Servers complete build and install service available
Software Development and Support Services
Systems analysis, data structure design and application design
Development of bespoke software solutions for Microsoft Windows and other systems
Support and analysis of difficult or undocumented legacy or 'inherited' code
Technical documentation - preparation of User and Engineering Manuals
Independent testing: We can test to an agreed specification and report back directly to your software development team in terms they will understand
Preparation of professional grade Windows installer packages using InstallShield
Specialist Services
Feptias specialises in the design, build, configuration and support of voice technology systems
Development of bespoke Voice/Telephony solutions using SER, Asterisk, Gridborg, UltraVox or CT-ADE
Supply, configuration, installation and testing of open-source SIP Servers, VoIP and ITSP solutions
Feptias can provide data analysis, data cleaning and data conversion services
Conversion of data between different applications, database servers, formats
Consistency and format checking
Development of bespoke pre-processing applications to clean your data

Expertise - Skills
Engineering skills
Telephony, voice systems, SIP, SER, Asterisk, VoIP, CTI, ACD and call centre systems
Electronics and serial data communications
Networking, routers, firewalls, DNS, VPN and TCP/IP
Microsoft Office Software
Word - documentation prepared using the ubiquitous Microsoft word processing package
Access database design, integration and VBA coding
Excel spreadsheet design, including VBA coding
Microsoft Server Software
The full range of Microsoft operating systems can be supported, with particular expertise in the most up-to-date Windows Server 2003 technologies including:
Active Directory
DNS setup, configuration and integration
DHCP, WINS, Distributed File System, IIS (Web, FTP and basic mail services)
Exchange Server 2003 - Microsoft's core e-mail server and messaging package
SQL Server