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The company that previously traded as "Feptias Limited" has now changed its name to "Smartvox Limited". The name was changed to more clearly reflect the business's focus in IP telephony. This web site is unlikely to have the most up-to-date information about the company or its products and you are advised to visit the new web site instead at:

Feptias IT Systems Support

IT Systems Support and Applications Development

Based in St.Albans, Feptias is a local provider of IT support and solutions for small companies in the Hertfordshire and London areas.

Feptias specialises in design and configuration of voice technology systems including Envox, Asterisk, TeleVantage and UltraVox software.

Software development services include systems analysis, data structure and application design, and the development of bespoke software solutions for real time and database applications running under Microsoft Windows.

We provide consultancy services for Windows Servers and Networks including system surveys, technical audits and documentation of existing IT systems. Other services available include preparation of user and technical documentation, design and construction of installation disks which are crafted using the latest InstallShield development tools, data analysis and conversion and general trouble shooting and problem solving.

With comprehensive engineering skills in telephony, voice systems, VoIP, CTI, ACD and call centre systems, and networking, Feptias is well equipped to deal with a wide range of emergent Telecommunications Technologies.

Experience with various Microsoft Software Applications means we can not only develop your telephony systems and provide the required technical support, but assist your staff in the best possible implementation of these systems

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